Must-know storage solutions to make your house ‘The Cool Crib’

Real estate is expensive. Whether you are renting out an apartment or paying the mortgage on the one you own, it doesn’t make sense to waste space. Unfortunately, this is what most of us do. We clutter our homes with too many things we don’t need or use and end up having less space for ourselves. As preachy as it sounds, a spacious and clean house clears the mind and helps us become more productive. It enhances the living experience and gives our mind more space to think about other important things.

So here are a few storage tips to create more space in the sweet home you live at.

Declutter first

The importance of decluttering your living room now and then cannot be stressed upon enough.

Clutter takes up so much space and makes your living room look tinier than it is. It reduces your efficiency and makes it hard for you to fully relax and enjoy your home. A good way to declutter the stuff you already have is to scan your living room completely and move everything that does not serve the activity that usually takes place in the room. Another way is to reduce and regulate the influx of new possessions. Well thought out decisions have to be made before you decide to purchase something new like furniture, upholstery or even electronics.

Maximize and utilise vertical space

Most people are good with the utilisation of floor space with furniture, but they tend to forget that the vertical space above this furniture can be used creatively well. Some things can be stacked in almost every room of the house. These include storage boxes, file cabinets, books etc. Items that can be stacked on top of each other should be stacked neatly to utilise vertical space. This isn’t exactly a storage solution but it is one of the modern ways of arranging that is very helpful in creating more space.

Get organized

There are a few rules that could help you with all kinds of home storage. One of them is to always opt for square and rectangle containers. They maximize utilization and take up the few inches that round containers usually leave out. Containers that can perfectly fit against the wall are the ones you want to pick. The second rule is to buy nesters and leave out the preset cutleries. Nesters are containers that stack well together. They are stylish and practical.

Furniture with storage bunks

This is the most popular storage solution of the 21st century. All kinds of furniture in the market today come with storage space bunks. Pull out drawers under couches can be used to store extra cushions and comforters. The storage compartments under beds can be used to stow away your bedsheets, extra pillows,  books and much more. You can also create improvise furniture by using your old chest as a tea table while storing your utensils or souvenirs inside it.

Sleek, straight furniture

Curved round furniture is the number one culprit in a cramped up home. Invest in sleek, minimalist furniture and straight-line designs. The clean and open look makes the room feel airy and clean.

Hanging wall storage

This is one of the most popular trends of this decade. The versatility and the aesthetics of hanging wall storage when done right makes it so beautiful. Use materials of warm colours or paint it in colours that go along with the shades of your wall and you’ve got yourself a wonderful storage space that also complements your house.

With all this being said, there are loads of other ways to make your living room more spacious and your storage more elegant. There are a lot of DIYs online you can read, watch and adapt in order to make your home beautiful. With right storage and placement, even a tiny apartment can be designed into a minimalistic, posh living space.

So let’s get storing.