Water-Smart apartments; Superheroes of the future



Technology in everyday life has seen exponential growth in the recent past. It’s not uncommon to see young kids asking Alexa or Google Home to switch the TV on or dim the house lights with a smartphone. The idea of living in a smart home is directed at creating a wholesome experience that is modern, safe, convenient and stress-free.

But will any of this matter if we do not have continuous access to one of the most important natural resources? Water! Looking at the rate we consume or rather waste water today, it would not be surprising if our future generations have little or no access to fresh water at all.

The big question is- What can we do to save this precious resource? Conservation is the first step towards creating a better future. But you can only conserve that which you measure. So being mindful of the water you use is the first step.

While small steps like turning off the tap while brushing your teeth are important, conservation has to take place on a much larger scale. Mankind needs to add technology to this puzzle and make use of it to come up with smart solutions that will make homes ‘water-smart’.

Water utility providers are developing patterns and devices to bring efficiency in demand and supply optimization and leakage detection. With cities and towns growing vertically to accommodate the rising population, there is a need for solutions that can measure and address the concerns of water usage in each apartment. There is a need for solutions that will not only save water but will also safeguard it for when it’s necessary.

Here are some basic but smart solutions you should incorporate or look out for while you are buying or moving into an apartment.

Low flow faucets and shower sets

Low flow faucets and shower sets make sure that you don’t use more water than needed as you take a shower or use the hose, without compromising on the experience. It involves the basic principle of changing the exit holes of the shower or faucet. It is estimated that this can reduce your water usage by 30-40%. Some apartments also offer touch-sensitive models to regulate how much water you are using for cleaning or washing.

Water or moisture sensors for leak detection

Although we may not notice it, leaks are major culprits of water wastage. With this in mind, some apartments come with water or moisture sensors on their taps that alerts you when it detects water leakage. Some devices automatically shut down the water supply in order to prevent further wastage. Leaks might seem out of control but this is just one of the ways to curb them and control wastage.

Smart Sprinklers

Attractive lawns around your apartment complex make it a pleasant place to stay and hang out at. But the measure of water resources and maintenance they require is mind-boggling. Smart sprinkler systems can schedule their runtimes based on the weather forecast and make sure the lawn isn’t over or under watered. If there’s rain in the forecast your sprinklers won’t turn on, but if a drought is coming your yard will stay green.

Water-Saving Toilets

Flushing toilets, although unavoidable, are one of the major contributors to water wastage. We never know how much water is required to flush down the waste and always end up emptying the tank. This problem is solved by new technologies like the Double Cyclone Flush System that uses only a quarter of what the normal flushes do and Dual Flush Toilets that have two buttons, one for liquid waste and the other for solid. Most homes these days come with one of these systems incorporated in all of their toilets. Not just that, smart apartments also have ‘Greywater’ treatment plants that treat wastewater from kitchens and bathrooms and redirect them to flush toilets.

Rain-water harvesting

The absolute basic when it comes to picking an apartment is to check the presence of rainwater harvesting systems. At Vajram Tiara, we are able to gather rainwater from various outlets and use it to replenish groundwater level. This allows residents to enjoy uninterrupted water supply all year long.

Some elements of a smart home may require large investments. But those investments come with long-term rewards. Some are simple, affordable, and efficient as well. Just like the advanced water harvesting system we have at Vajram Tiara in Yelahanka, Bangalore.

Staying with a community that is working towards the betterment of the world is the first step to that better world. So join us to make the world a better place, one drop at a time.