Why Bellandur is One of the Best Locations to Invest In

At the Southern-East part of Bengaluru is the suburb named Bellandur. Surrounded by Sarjapur Road, Devarabbisanahalli and HSR Layout, Bellandur marks its importance by being in a prime location. Bellandur and its surroundings in specific have been a delight to a lot of dwellers in that region. With a large number of migrants moving into the city for work, education and other purposes, areas such as Bellandur have gained immense popularity.

The IT boom in Bengaluru has paved the way for the growth of IT companies in the city. Most of these companies are concentrated around Bellandur and Outer Ring Road. Because of this, residential complexes have also been mushrooming at a high rate around these companies!

Due to this expansion of the IT industry, the increase in employee strength and the traffic situation in the city, having a house close to one’s workplace has become a dire necessity.

Amongst a range of reasons why you should buy a house or plan on investing in a realty property in Bellandur, here are the top 5 reasons to invest in Bellandur:


Close proximity to IT tech parks

Bellandur is home to various major MNCs and IT companies which is what adds value to this area. Bellandur and its surroundings are usually inhabited with employees of these companies since it makes it easy for them to commute easily without having to travel far and wide, and hence compromising on their personal life. Residential complexes such as Vajram Esteva makes it extremely convenient for people to commute less and live more!


Social Infrastructure

Be it shopping malls, hospitals, schools, colleges or restaurants, staying in Bellandur is absolutely convenient. Having been populated with several IT and tech employees, places to dine are also growing at a rapid pace making it an ever enjoyable experience to live around! Several schools, colleges, medical institutions as well as malls are erected in and around the area, so needs and necessities can be met with greater ease.



Bellandur is close to the Outer Ring Road, which is one of the most connected roads in the city branching out to almost every direction. Having a house in such a well-connected area can only imply that you are sure to stay right on time no matter where you head to. It is also a very convenient location to use public transports as it has several major bus stands for both regular and outstation travel.



The kind of people living or aspiring to live in Bellandur fall into a category; one that wishes to stay and live in a luxurious lifestyle and that is precisely what Vajram group built Vajram Esteva in Bellandur. The ultra-luxury condominiums are aimed to provide the residents with an opulent lifestyle with provisions for seamless livelihood. Classy, minimalist and elegant homes are what you would find in Bellandur and that is definitely what Vajram Esteva offers to every resident living there!


Safety & Convenience

Bellandur is a high-density area with ATMs, banks and police station at almost every nook and corner. The entire stretch around Bellandur, Marathalli is extremely safe and is very convenient for both men and women. People living with elderly may also find this area very suitable due to its accessibility and availability of services around it. Several events and festivals are also celebrated in and around the area enabling a sense of community amongst different residential complex in general.


These are just the main factors of why you must invest in a property located in Bellandur as there are a plethora of reasons to do so! Most people who seek homes in this area are often drawn towards it because of the advantageous location and the facilities that come with the apartments that are present there. It makes for a perfect locality to live in for most people and the value of the properties here are sure to rise with the immense popularity of the location in the coming years and that’s exactly why you should invest here.