5 ways to liven up your balcony space

When your apartment comes with a balcony, you have been given your very own private outdoor space. A part of the house where you can step out without leaving the house. It’s the perfect place to set up an outdoor-feel in your home. Regardless of the size of your balcony, there so many different ways to deck up your balcony for you, your family and your guests to hang out in.
Here are some ways to liven up your balcony space:

1. Seating arrangements for outdoor relaxation
The balcony space is an extension of the room that it is a part of. Much like the rest of the house, it is a place where you can relax and unwind. That is why comfortable seating areas are important. If you have a spacious balcony with sufficient protection from external elements, you can add bean bags and a plush two-seater. If not, you can still introduce comfortable weatherproof seating such as benches and deck chairs. You can also consider fitting built-in seating chairs or benches to prevent high winds from knocking them down. If your balcony is too small for a proper seating arrangement, there is an option of foldable furniture. Chairs and tables which can be folded away are perfect for when you are short on space – it will help free up floor space whenever necessary. Don’t forget to add some wall decor like water-resistant art to add balcony aesthetic.

2. Add life with some greens
A balcony is a great place to grow your own customised garden. Not only will it give your balcony space a charming look, but it will also enhance your indoor air quality. There’s always space in a balcony for some plants, if nothing else. You can put up some planters filled with lush plants to give it a backyard feel. Planting herbs in your balcony will make smell nice as well. There are no limits to how you would want to display your plants. Balcony gardens come in many forms; from vertical gardens to recycled gardens and even using creepers. You can put pots on your balcony ledge or just hang them off your railings – it’s your pick.

3. Illumination for your balcony
Beyond festival seasons, balcony lights have become an all-year long phenomenon. Balconies require dim lighting – too much light and it could ruin the calming effect of your balcony. Instead, choose from the many different ways you can light up your balcony. You could get dimmed lights installed in your balcony, or you could put up some lights yourself. You can install pendant lights or sconces for late-night hangouts. Fairy lights will never lose their cool and the variations of these lights are endless. You can never get bored of putting up lights – there are many patterns to choose from such as outdoor lanterns or just some string lights.

4. A swing at the fun factor
If you are looking to add some fun furniture into your balcony, what you need is anything that can move, A swing, a hammock or even a tear-dropped chair can give your balcony the vacation-feel you’ve been longing for. Imagine coming home from work and lying in a hammock to relax – it creates a laid-back vibe. Or imagine swinging against the winds from your balcony. With the right balance of function and aesthetic, these toys are just what we to add life to our balconies.

5. Revamp your flooring
The flooring of your balcony is one of the most important parts of the balcony. If you live in a hot place, avoid using tiles in your balcony as they can heat up quickly. Instead you can replace your boring slabs for interlocking deck tiles. They are easy to install and do not damage the floor below. You can also put up some fake grass or a rug to really amp up your balcony. Make sure it matches the elements that you decide to place on it,

Not everybody is lucky enough to live in a home with a balcony. No matter the size, one shouldn’t neglect the potential that this space has. Make the most out of it and transform it into a welcoming space for your guests to relax and be entertained.

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