Top 5 technologies that will transform real estate in 2018

Visualization and virtualization are the most appreciated and engageable marketing strategies used by modern real estate developers. What do you think makes this strategy a sure shot hit? Well, based on observation, a large amount of interested home buyers find the visual representation of homes far more interesting and practical than hardcover brochures! It allows them to take a closer look at how their future home would look and also enables them to visualize themselves in the respective setup! While high-resolution photographs are the age-old method of drawing prospective clients towards a great property, it may also result as a dud when it comes to converting the client into a potential buyer. The reason being, photographs fail to engage the client and entice them to book the property, whereas a virtual tour or a 360° view of the sellable property allows them to gauge and analyse the property in a better way thus resulting in a relatively high conversion rate.

    The way in which the real estate industry is enhancing itself every day, hi-tech services and technologies is not too far from reality. This blog talks about the top 5 technologies that are set to revolutionise the real estate sector in 2018!

InFORM’s Shape Display

MIT Media Lab’s Tangible Media Group newest addition to the world of technologies is their mind-boggling approach of transmitting human touch anywhere as long as there’s internet connectivity. This technology allows people to touch and feel various shapes created on it making it easier for people to perceive depth. This is sure to build a new wave in the world of technological advancements.


Technology has advanced so much that Matterport has now introduced a camera that produces photographs of a room and eventually ties them together by creating a 3D rendering of the room. This enables the potential client to take a virtual tour or even take a walk over the 3D rendered floor plan.

3-D Printer

All lot of you may have already seen this fantastic invention in the past few months, however, not everyone may know that it has great potential to revolutionize the marketing sector of the real estate industry. This technology is likely to benefit architects and interior decorators all over the world. They can ‘literally’ create 3D models and layouts to present to their client and organization which also helps reduce extensive and tedious manual labour making scope for increased efficiency.


IoT denotes the next wave of change that enables you access to data from mobile phones and wearables to create new products for operations and service providers and create more value for homeowners.


A company named Sensopia launched an app called MagicPlan that enables making floor plans with great ease. With about 95% accuracy, the app allows you to capture photos of a room and analyze the size of each wall. This app also allows you to pair with bluetooth laser meter for precise measurements. This 2D version of the model is one option and it can also be uploaded on FLoorPlanner in order to render a 3D model of the same.

All of the above mentioned technologies are already introduced and have a high likelihood of being used by the evolving real estate industry.  One thing is for sure, that the implementation and inclusion of such creative and forward-thinking technologies are to change the way people sell and buy homes!