Rainy season home maintenance tips

You would agree that anything you love requires a lot of attention and care; your home is also a part of that and maintaining it from time to time is extremely important. Your homes are exposed to so much throughout your entire lifespan and it goes through so many external and internal changes caused by several factors. Hence, it is imperative that you paid closer attention to your house and treat any flaws especially as it may go through changes based on the seasons. Seasonal changes are the primary reason for your house’s wear and tear, specifically the monsoon season. We would be discussing a few points to understand how monsoon can damage your house and how you may try to safeguard it from extreme damage.


It is obvious that the air would have a lot of moisture during the rainy season and you are surely aware of the damages caused by overexposure of homes to the rains. Vajram homes do the needful to protect your home from external damage but you must keep in mind that your furniture needs timely maintenance which require you to wax them from being damp and soggy from the monsoon moisture.

Carpets and Rugs

You may have spread out a grand carpet across your living room but the same can be extremely painful to handle especially during the rainy season. Book an appointment with a good carpet cleaner who would do a through job of cleaning the carpets and rugs that will also ensure that your house doesn’t smell musty and damp.

Tiles and Flooring

It is important to make sure to sterilize and disinfect your floors throughout the season in order to prevent any kind of damp smell in the house. Another reason to make sure there is no dampness or water clogged in your balcony floors is because it could make for a breeding ground for mosquito, algae and moss. Timely cleaning and maintenance of floors will make sure to keep your house clean and moisture free during this season.

Windows and Doors

Other than when it is raining, you must make sure to keep your doors and windows open to allow as much air and sunlight to penetrate your rooms as possible so that the natural sunlight and air kills the plausible bacteria in the air and keep your house smelling fresh and clean. Natural light will also ensure to keep the house free of moisture and insects that often flock towards damp and dark areas of the house.

Cupboards and Wardrobes

Your clothes and cutlery might tend to smell damp and musty during the monsoon season and the best way to prevent this from happening is to put a few naphthalene balls in every compartment of your wardrobe and between your shoe racks as well. You can also use silicon pouches that work excellently in absorbing moisture making sure your clothes keep smelling fresh.

Here are just some important tips to guide you through the necessary maintenance that you may want to incorporate in your monsoon so that you can enjoy sipping on a hot cup of coffee enjoying the rains outside and not worry about your house while it stays fresh, clean and healthy.