9 reasons why Yelahanka is the best place for property investment

When you plan buy a property, you make sure of investing in a place that has the perfect surroundings for a healthy and peaceful living. Living in city provides good access to neighbourhood but still gets you stuck in huge traffic jams. For the ideal living, you should always consider investing in a developing area that provides you house on comparatively lower rates and still has good access to everything. Yelahanka, situated in north of Bangalore has many such benefits that makes it the ideal place to live in. Here are 9 Facts that prove Yelahanka is the best place for property investment.

  1. Yelahanka is the area that is nearest to airport while compared to other areas that lie in city between huge traffic. Yelahanka is only 20km from airport and is the only location that provides you with such ease of commuting.
  2. The property prices have seeing potential rise from the time airport has been set up in Devenahalli. Bangalore International airport has provided the space for many infrastructural developments like new roads, hotels, and flyovers.
  3. Government has itself taken initiative to develop this area on a large scale by creating a government body that would make sure of the development of north Bangalore as a Business Hub.
  4. Taking in consideration, all the growth and development factors around, in and around of Yelahanka is expected to generate around 40lakh jobs in the coming two decades.
  5. There are 2 potential lakes around this area that comes out to be a great element in development of this place. Allalasandra Lake and Puttenhalli Lake are well taken care of and are developed to meet water resources of the nearby areas.
  6. Yelahanka has the best leisure and tourist spots around it like Angasana resort, Nandi Hills, Fantasy Golf Resort, etc.
  7. Witnessing the huge growth of Devenahalli Business Park, a rail system is to be set up that will connect Devanahalli with Yeshwantpur via Yelahanka.
  8. Widening of the NH-7 up to the airport from the existing six lanes to eight lanes (currently under process) will result to be next major infrastructural advantage to this area. With the development of this, there will be an Intermodal Transit Hub at Yelahanka.
  9. Yelahanka is peaceful and traffic free compared to all other areas that provide well equipped locality to live in. This area is great for long-term investment prospect.