Home decor ideas that will keep your home looking forever in style

Having a home is a dream that we have all dreamed at some point in our lives and with Vajram, such dreams also come true. However, having a dream home is not sufficient especially because we all have a certain vision of how we want our dream home to look. That is why, the interior decoration of your house is an integral part of starting a family and it is all the more special when you use decor that signify something to you or has a special touch to it. To help you with decorating your house in a stylish and contemporary way, we’ve listed some ideas to guide you take it forward. These are simple, efficient and affordable home decor ideas that can be acquired from nearby stores or even made on your own.


You may have noticed this type of decor in several places but you may have not known that these are quite easy to make by yourself. Macrame is an art of folding, knotting and knitting ropes, yarns and threads to create different aesthetic patterns that can be used as wall hangings, flower vase hangings, photo frames and many other things. The technique can be easily learnt from videos on youtube. If you are not the crafty kinds, then you can easily find them being sold online and even in different home decor stores. They add a very bohemian-chic ambience to the space where it is incorporated.

Figurine Lamps

Having children at home could mean, innumerable toys loitering around the house; but what if there could be a way to create something amazing and utilitarian using old, used toys that your child no longer plays with? Well, you can stack them all up against a plain lampshade and glue them to it, using hot glue gun in a pattern that you like and spray paint them to a preferred color of your child and there you have it! A bed lamp that is fun, funky, useful for your children’s bedroom.

Tree Bark

If you are the type of person who enjoys making their own decors and love to add a special touch to the decor of your house, then you must try a tree bark table top. You could buy them pre-made at a lot of furniture stores nowadays but you can go the extra mile and visit a local carpenter or timber factory and ask them for a tree log that fits your requirements and have a carpenter attach a glass over it or you could also leave it just as a side table after having it polished.

Ladder Up
An interesting way to create textures and patterns in your house is to incorporate refurbished furniture or even regular ones and create something fun and interesting. Just by laying a ladder against the wall and hanging colorful lights on it and aligning polaroids or photographs can take the room to a whole new level.


A very simple but very powerful tip is to incorporate whites in your home decor. It creates the illusion of the space being more spacious and clean. It also adds to a luxurious and royal feel to the room. White may be slightly tricky to handle but smartly choosing the materials of the furnitures, etc can help in reducing the efforts in maintaining them. A simple suggestion however, would be to keep minimal colors around the entrance of the house to make it appear larger and people living on higher floors can maintain whites with greater ease.

Here are some of the simple yet useful tips on how to decorate the house of your dreams because we understand that your house expresses the personality of the people living in it.