7 ways to convert your house into a designer home

With the changing trends in home decor and interior style, there are always some things that would never go out of fashion. Everyone now needs an interior designer who can make their home look like a luxurious space that you wouldn’t want to stay away from.

While you make a list of your interior plans, your interior designer might handover you a big list of expenses. These expenses are not always worth. All you need to do is learn some basic ideas that can be used in your home decor and be your own interior designer.

Believe us! You could be the one. Nothing is more fun and satisfying than designing your home yourself within the estimated budget. And to make this easier, here are 7 ways to convert your house into a designer home:


Stripped walls- Much famous as Zebra theme, this style is easy and attractive to apply for interiors and can provide your house with the utmost unique and modern look.




Glossy plus velvet touch- Add some gloss and polish to your furniture. Give it a look that makes you recall of the royal homes. Try keeping the wall and furniture color same.



Mix and match look- Want your home to look as trendy as you? Then you can definitely play around with your favourite colours and give your home a stylish look. Mix and Match never go out of fashion keeping its brightness and color alive.



Wooden furniture and flooring- Everyone’s all time favourite is a wooden touch. Compliment your bathroom or bedroom with some wooden furniture or flooring.



Add some lights- Add some glow to your rooms. Use lights to cherish your wall colors and redefine your style of living.



Color theme- If you are too obsessed with your favourite color, you can definitely capture this color in your home. Do your home decor by picking up a color theme and match it with white or black.



Printed walls- You can always add some lovely memories to your walls. Draw a tree and hung your favourite images with friends and family around.