From Soil to Structure

from soil to structure

We all know quality is a prime factor in the outcome of a project, especially  in construction. Real Estate developers have many variables to consider, from approvals to input materials, type of construction, engineering checks, all the way to customer satisfaction and project health after handovers. 

As the Bengaluru market is evolving into an international hub, there are many developers investing in this market at competitive prices for spacious units. With many successful projects moving from under-construction to completion, we are seeing a demand for high-rise apartments that are modern as well as technologically advanced. This requires a lot of insight from the buyer persona typically called the design phase; understanding that different areas and target groups have a different set of needs. So to be aware of this micro-market catchment and develop projects based on affordable, mid-size and premium markets differentiates the builders and it’s offerings. Developing niche communities with an attention to detail that are in tranquil and engaging localities have been Vajram Groups  particular model. 

Why is it important for a builder to focus on quality from excavation all the way to relationship management? As a builder it is essential to be committed to 100% Total Quality Control across all departments. In all construction related processes, design, procurement in the best input production materials and workmanship; must be analyzed and checked by all factors to ensure thorough compliance with the industry standards and the safety of their consumers. This includes sustaining and improving quality through use of top products, timely delivery of projects, prevention of pollution and minimizing risks. 

Being a layman, it may be difficult to rightly understand the structural design of the building. During initial stages, it is important that input materials are triple quality checked to determine the strength and foundation of soil, concrete, wood, plastering, and etc. to validate the load of the structure. In depth analysis is done on soil type, wind load and seismic activity and this data is fed into the modelling system to ensure accuracy and minimize deviations to get an output that achieves a stable structure. During this phase, builders must strongly adhere to green building standards and backtrack to see if the buildings will be sustainable, resource efficient, and environmentally responsible through the entire building life-cycle. 

A latter highly critical phase is ensuring that all the validated designs are implemented with a zero-deviation policy. There should be checks and controls at every stage of construction with the involvement of in-house and external quality auditors where it is ensured that tight quality control is achieved throughout the entire construction cycle. Finally an extra importance placed on engineering checks prior to customer handover, which follow a step by step quality control process from transparent approvals, to legal document revisions, identifying the best loans, premium bank funding, and 1 year guaranteed CRM maintenance, is the key for a comprehensive finish to quality control. 

So, here’s the big question. How does one choose the right builder for their dream home? For over a decade, Vajram Group has been spearheading the real-estate sector and transforming the business experience overall. Over the years, Vajram Group has earned the loyalty of thousands of families by providing products that are of high quality and standard with focus on key attributes like the design, design validation, construction processes, services and utilization of resources. In addition, the integration of both in-house and reputed external third-party auditors make Vajram Group stand out as a quality builder.