From Soil to Structure

We all know quality is a prime factor in the outcome of a project, especially  in construction. Real Estate developers have many variables to consider, from approvals to input materials, type of construction, engineering checks, all the way to customer satisfaction and project health after handovers.  As the Bengaluru market is evolving into an international … Continue reading “From Soil to Structure”

Sit Back & Invest

In this time of adversity, we as humans tend to assume that along with keeping our family and community safe, we must also be safe with our investments. However, in this unprecedented change in social, business, health and other interactions there is a new normal for financial decisions. Due to halts in business and a … Continue reading “Sit Back & Invest”


What does Millennial Homes mean and which consumer does it cater to? Let’s first define what a millennial is? A millennial denotes a segment of the population reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century. There are a vast array of millennials from the health & fitness conscious, highly social, pet friendly, to young techies, … Continue reading “SKYROCKETING MILLENNIAL INVESTORS”

Residential real estate – Year in Review 2019

While commercial real estate thrived during the year, 2019 was a challenging year for India’s residential real estate. The regulatory conditions paved the way for residential real estate all through January to December and may continue to do so for 2020. Real estate developers were continually assessing the dynamics of the market to ensure that … Continue reading “Residential real estate – Year in Review 2019”

4 reasons why you should be the owner and not the tenant

Every Indian has a dream of owning their own house, a place that they can call their own. A place they want to say they bought with their hard-earned money, which is customised to fit their liking. A dream home can never be rented! While being a homeowner comes with responsibility, it also comes with … Continue reading “4 reasons why you should be the owner and not the tenant”

Ideas to decorate your space while being eco-friendly this festive season.

Lights, candles, firecrackers and sweets – yes, its that time of the year again. In the name of preparing for the festival of lights, we spend time and money to make a brighter and memorable Diwali for our friends and family. Which means we often go overboard with the tinsel and the decorations. But the … Continue reading “Ideas to decorate your space while being eco-friendly this festive season.”

5 things that make Vajram Newtown the hottest investment opportunity

Bangalore is still a hot favorite among investors, the clean air, the great connectivity, and the modern lifestyle the city offers are still major reasons why people love settling here. The huge influx of the workforce has further increased the demand for great residential projects. In the last decade, North Bangalore has grown exponentially. The … Continue reading “5 things that make Vajram Newtown the hottest investment opportunity”

Spending a day in and around Thanisandra

Small pockets of residential layouts dotted with trees and the quaint Bangalore charm. This is not the Thanisandra from a decade ago, this is the Thanisandra of today. The up and coming hub that has the right balance of residential and industrial development. It enjoys great connectivity and superb infrastructure. If you’re in Thanisandra, you’ll … Continue reading “Spending a day in and around Thanisandra”

Work from home can’t just be simpler, but also a lot more productive. Here’s how…

‘From the comfort of your couch’ is the mantra of the 21st century. From ordering food to clothes to even buying homes. Whether it is to avoid traffic or simply because your office allows you to work from home, creating a home office is becoming a norm. But when you work from home, it is … Continue reading “Work from home can’t just be simpler, but also a lot more productive. Here’s how…”